July 30, 2021
Wall decoration ideas

Wall decoration ideas

Art is the most essential part to complete any look when it comes to decorating your house. Well, not everybody has a great taste to tell what is looking beautiful and what isn’t and if you are one struggling with things to set it right then do not worry, we are here to help you. Walls gives character and personality to your home and so, it is important to decorate it right. Days are gone when wall were just to provide privacy to the rooms in the house, you are now being judged with the taste of your wall art and so in this article we will be discussing about the NO-NO’s when it comes to wall art décor for the home.

Listed below are 5 common wall art décor mistakes to avoid for best wall decoration ideas.

Filling up every wall in the house

Add too many pictures to the space or make the house more clumsy than ever. over too many walls you open the door to needless problems Wall art does not mean that you remove the wall; it is better to hang smaller art objects, which are either decorative or complement the home.


If you’re not sure about your decoration abilities, the paint palette is ideal to hold a good flow. If you’re a color palette. But it is the same with artwork, rather than keeping to the wall colors, while bringing fresh colours.

Not accurately revealing art work

A single nail hanging artwork? If so, then it’s askewed every time someone shuts the door. To stop this, please make sure you have the right tools and supplies for the works of art.

Wall Art formation of an island

Your art collection displays your pride and so you must ensure that nothing hinders it from the display. But suggest laying the other decoration items around the artwork for a seamless feel in the space and it will create a colder, sophisticated environment.

To sum up, it is essential to decorate the other areas of the house with utmost decency that doesn’t make the guests feel awkward.

Hope, now have a clear idea of what not to put up on your walls with the help of above listed points. Do share your views about the same. For queries and suggestions, feel free to get in touch with us. For such more tips, stay connected to us.

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